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Founder and business

MReznicek_s.jpg, 11 kB After finishing Brno University of Technology, study program Water Management and Water Structures I took up work in Union a.s. Frýdek-Místek, establishment Opava, in the engineer´s department of company.

In the year 1990 I founded my own business operating in consulting engineering, civil engineering investment and construction superintendent. In this period the main activity was engineering and investment management. At the same time I was projecting project documentations of water structures for chartered engineers. In that time I was also participating on construction sites to get practice.

In 1993 I won selection procedure and became professional officer in the District council of Opava, Water management department. At the same time with an agreement of district council chairman I continued running my own business operating in water structures design and construction.

In 1995 I terminated my employment contract and started to run my business as my main work activity. Concurrently with projecting under the professional direction of Ing.Rudolf Řezníček I was technically preparing water structures and providing construction superintendent.

During the years 1995 - 2004 I was cooperating with the company of Vodohospodářská technologie Brno s.r.o. Both companies were operating in the field of design and implementation work, especially basin and drink water preparing plants.

In 1998 I extended my business activities and started to be concerned in project management of constructions cooperated with Doc.Ing.Milan Látal CSc.

In 2000 I passed technical exam and became chartered engineer. I´m registered by the Czech council of chartered engineers under document number 110215. Since 1998 I´ve been leading my own engineering group, which was transformed into VIVA PROJEKT s.r.o. company. Since 2001 I´ve owned all business shares and become the only head of company. The fact that I hold a position of only company´s leader enable very quick dealing.

Today the company of VIVA PROJECT s.r.o. operate in Water engineering and Management.

Our company is insured by GENERALI a.s. insurance company.

We´re looking forward to possible cooperation in solving Your problems in water Engineering and Management.

Ing. Michal Řezníček

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Zadní 283
747 41 Branka u Opavy

tel: (+420)602 722 309